D.I.G. Cafe, what is it? And why is it shared? This is an online resource for spiritual nutrition. Through this site, it is our hope that you, the visitor & seeker of higher consciousness will discover information, resources, inspirational thoughts, and more that will enhance your burning desire of total 'Spiritual Wellness'. Additionally, if you are new to the spiritual journey, or in a state of personal limbo, this site is committed to unlocking the doors of your awareness of the Divine Infinite Greatness that is awaiting you to unleash, and emit that lead to both personal and Universal transformation.

Our mission is to share with all, the freedom, empowerment, life transforming embrace that awaits the committed seeker of their higher consciousness & awareness. Our goal is to share the ongoing flow of knowledge, that's often called New Age, Esoteric, etc... On the contrary, this knowledge has been available for ages preserved, shared by many individuals from all walks of life, as well, as cultures. The light emitting from this knowledge is shining ever so brightly, revealing the path, as well, as the Divine Infinite Greatness within the entire Universe. The videos, resources, and other information shared in the cafe, is not bound by religious, political, social beliefs, concepts, or ideology. Rather this about 'Spiritual Activism', meaning the vigorous urgent pursuit of each one of us discovering the I AM within, and manifesting the oneness with all of the Universe.

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